Geek Boy's First Kiss

Watching an episode of Big Bang Theory triggered an embarrassing flashback.

My first kiss.

I wasn't very good at social cues, norms, knowing what to do in situations just by instinct, etc. Always had to learn things by studying people's behaviors and practicing. I was terrible in my drivers ed course. The driver's ed teacher almost strangled me because I was constantly asking the exact angles that I needed to turn the steering wheel.

17 years old, in my car with my first girlfriend, the moment of truth had arrived where she was waiting for our first kiss. I'd heard from people that when you kissed a girl you were supposed to apply the so-called "French Kiss". This required the mouth to be open. The problem with this, as it was in many things is I always had / have difficulty in the specific amount / measurement. I didn't realize how wide my mouth was open & that it would be considered considerable. I prepared myself, closed my eyes, and came at her with what I guess you'd call a gaping mouth. As my lips touched skin, and I realize in retrospect, practically enveloped her face, I was surprised to hear "What are you doing?!?! It's like you're trying to eat my face!!" Followed by "What is WRONG with you?!?" Girlfriend exited vehicle. So, ended my first kiss.

The episode with Wallowitz coming at Penny with closed eyes, wide gaping mouth triggered this particular memory.

… after that I was occasionally scolded by girlfriends that I was kissing them with "chicken pecks".. or kisses that felt like they were "kissing their brother". Damned if I do, damned if I don't. Sometimes, you just can't make people happy. ;^)

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  1. So good... so very good. Yes, eating a girls face is not the best first kiss... I had a similar experience with my first kiss. It was years later before I attempted it again.