Funny Photos from the Interwebs - Part 3

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The Jellyfish Debacle

I was at the beach with friends and my wife. Strangely there weren't that many people in the water. Lots of people on the beach though. I waded into the water, went out far enough that I was up to my neck. Was really nice. Pretty summer day. Peaceful, had the ocean to myself. 

I had the nagging sensation of having to pee. People keep telling me that its okay to urinate in the ocean, there were no restrooms anywhere near by, so I decided to give it a whirl. I didn't want to pee on my swim trunks (nasty!), so I pulled them down. Later, my wife would ask "why the hell did you pull your pants down? You're in the ocean!". She doesn't seem to see the difference between peeing in the ocean, the urine being dilute, and directly hosing down your shorts. 

What Happened to My Star Wars Toys

I had almost every original Star Wars toy. Most of the action figures. The Millennium Falcon, Tie Fighter, XWing, YWing, Cantina, Death Star, AT-AT (Snow Walker). You name it, I had it. My parents weren't well off, but somehow I scored most of the Star Wars stuff.

One Saturday morning, age 17, I wake up, Mom comes into the bedroom and says this: "Hey Eddie, I had a yard sale this morning. You know all of those Star Wars toys you don't play with anymore? I got you a whole $20! Here ya go honey."

All of it. Gone.

Sarah Slean Songs

Had the pleasure of seeing this incredible Canadian singer at an arts high school in Ontario. Yet another talented Canadian musician flying under the radar.

'Out in the Park' (acoustic)

'California' (acoustic)

The album version of 'California'

 'Day One'

Orbital - Halcyon On and On

Original Version

Tom Middleton Re-Mix (Dance Club Version)

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Song: 'Breathe In' by Frou Frou

Another cool song by singer Imogen Heap (and band Frou Frou) called Breathe In. Check it out. Breathe In by Frou Frou on Grooveshark
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Singer Imogen Heap's 'Hide and Seek'

The amazing vocalist Imogen Heap. Gorgeous song. She's ALL of the instruments. Hide & Seek by Imogen Heap on Grooveshark

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Planet Orbiting a G Type Star

In a barred spiral galaxy of 300 billion stars, there's a planet orbiting a G type star inhabited by a civilization of wonderful creatures who've just started exploring space. This intelligent race of creatures have two arms, two legs and mainly communicate using sound. Where's this planet? Look down. The planet is right under your feet. The aliens are all around you. Turns out you've been with them your whole life. Hug some of them. :)  Happy Monday you guys.

Geek Boy's First Kiss

Watching an episode of Big Bang Theory triggered an embarrassing flashback.

My first kiss.

I wasn't very good at social cues, norms, knowing what to do in situations just by instinct, etc. Always had to learn things by studying people's behaviors and practicing. I was terrible in my drivers ed course. The driver's ed teacher almost strangled me because I was constantly asking the exact angles that I needed to turn the steering wheel.

My Hero Says: "You Need to Get Your Head Out of the Clouds"

In high school, I had this teacher that I really looked up to, a hero. He taught history, made it really interesting and exciting. He was an ex army coloniel. He looked and acted like he had stepped right out of a movie.  He exuded charisma. He told all of these stories of incredible things he'd done and seen. A truly larger than life personality. The students all hung on his every word. I was impressionable, I thought of the man as a mentor, and in my eyes he could do no wrong. All I wanted to do was impress this man.

When I was about to graduate high school I was in his office, he asked me what my plans were. I was a techie, geeky kid and I'd been programming computers since I was 9 and had a dream of having a job at NASA. I told him I wanted to work there. He laughed, and it wasn't really a nice laugh. It was a "you're being a fool" kind of laugh. He said "Eddie, you need to be more realistic, set your sights lower. My sons are top of their class at Virginia Tech, and even *THEY* probably won't be able to get a job at NASA. You need to spend a little less time with your head in the clouds." As you can imagine this was devastating.

Cat & Crow are Friends

Watch these natural enemies hanging out and playing with each other. Crow was taking care of the cat when he was a kitten, even feeding him with worms. Crow caws at the house until the family lets cat out to play. :)  I knew crows are incredibly intelligent, but this is amazing.