Will Gattaca Come True?

As someone who's having to use IVF to have a child, I've seen first hand how this science is advancing, and I've been wondering about this movie quite a bit lately, and if people will be having designer babies - Eddie

(Slate) Noninvasive, early fetal tests for sex, paternity, and chromosomal conditions will change pregnancy dramatically—and raise tricky ethical questions. More> 

Pattern: Sci-fi tech and stories coming true.

Update: New post: My Wife and I Have Been Offered a New Prototype DNA Test for Our Pregnancy


  1. Not in the near term, yes we are expanding out knowledge of genetics at an ever increasing rate but there is the moral question.

    The movie deals with this issue quite well, not only will we have the rich and the poor. We will have the "valid" and "invalid" in society.

    There is also the risk of complex interactions between multiple genes, I am all for progress and innovation but it is a big complex problem that needs solving. It isn't like there is just one gene that says "be taller" or "be smarter"

  2. The fertility doctor offered us this new test where we can do genetic testing on the embryo for genetic disorders. This is similar to the amniocentesis, but instead of on a fetus, it's on a new embryo. Also, we've been told that with cryogenetically freezing embryos there's a lower rate of genetic problems. They theorize it's because the stronger embryos survive.