QuickBites 1 - Tuesday

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This Super Dog’s Parkour Skills are Off the Charts
The video above, uploaded last month, is a remix of his insane tricks. Or as Gawker put it in a headline, it demonstrates how “this dog is better at park our than most humans are at anything.
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5 reasons to be excited about Curiosity

NASA’s newest adventure to Mars has begun! The Mars Science Laboratory mission delivered the Curiosity rover to Gale Crater..
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So You Want To Be A Designer: Top 5 List
Called an interface guru by publications like Wired and Fast Company, Aza is the co-founder of Massive Health, and was until recently Creative Lead for Firefox. Previously, he was a founding member of Mozilla Labs.

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Learn to Love Annoying People
Unfriendly people... Bad drivers... Incompetent customer service reps... These are a few of my least favorite things. In fact, they’re downright annoying.
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